Benjamin @ 23

Wow has this been a big year. I'm now married, I've visited a bunch of places and I wrote a bunch of code. Another birthday, another »

Benjamin @ 22

Time again for another birthday blog post! Looking back at what has happened in the last year and where my interests are still at. Recent Happenings »

Benjamin @ 21

Wow, a whole year has passed, and very little blogging in between. But here is my annual birthday post where I show general what interests I »

Facebook Chat Downloader

I enjoy using my personal data to create cool applications, and one of the richest data sets many people have are their online conversations. Most of »

Geohash Notification Service

TLDR; I've started a project to scratch yet another itch of mine, it's a geohash notification service. For the unacquainted, this is »

Benjamin @ 20

It's this time of year again, and now I have officially left my teenage years to embark on my early 20s. The post just shows generally »